• V.I. Kocubenko


The growth and development of rabbits of three colored lines of the breed of silver have been investigated. Research has shown that the most intense growth is manifested by the color-line dark-silver. Medium-silver color rabbits at thirty-thirty years of age, by live weight, are probably inferior to other color groups in both cultivation technologies. Thus, the live weight of rabbits at the age of thirty days is 15 and 35 g less (p≤0,001) with industrial cultivation technology. This discrepancy is increased by eco-growing technologies by 35 (p≤0.01) and 40 g (p≤0.001) respectively of the lines light and dark silver. The probable preference of rabbits grown by eco-technology by live weight per 100 g at 90 days and 50-70 g at 60 days was established. Based on the characteristics of the live weight of young animals of different color lines, it is necessary to point out the good development of their meat characteristics - increased maturity in early post-functional ontogeny (live weight in the three months exceeds 60% of the mass of the adult animal). The greatest influence on the variability of live weight of rabbits was found in the interaction of linear accessory and technology of cultivation. Its values are greatest at the birth of rabbits (56.3%). With the next age there is a tendency to decrease and at the same time the influence of the studied factors increases separately. Thus, at the age of 30 days, the influence of linear affiliation doubled, at 60 days it tripled, and at 90 days it increased four times compared to birth. The impact of growing technology has increased dramatically at the age of 30 (almost double). In other ages, its values increased slightly - by 3.2 and 4.2%. The random variability decreases with age. An analysis of variance proved the significant influence of linear affiliation and technology of cultivation on the variability of the development of silver rabbit live weight during early ontogenetic development. Consequently, the dark-silver colored rabbits were the largest, and the light-silver rabbits had minimal live weight. Greater growth energy was inherent in young rabbits with eco-growing technology. Typological differences in the color lines of the rabbits of the breed silver were revealed. They are mostly manifested in the cultivation of rabbits by eco-technology.