Authors Guidlines

Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Materials submitted in the form of articles in Ukrainian, Russian or English will be published in the original language in the thematic scientific collection "Effective rabbit breeding and animal husbandry".

Rules of registration of materials:

Volume - not less than 8 A4 pages.

Font - Times New Roman, size 12pt; line spacing - single (1pt).

Edges of the page - all edges on - 20 mm.

Send the manuscript in the format (* .docx; *. Doc) without compressing the text. Alignment - by page width. Paragraph indent - 5 characters (1.25 cm). Tables and indexes in formulas are typed in 10 point. Location of structural elements of the article:

- In the upper left corner - UDC index.- article title (bold capital letters).

- Surname and initials of the author (s) (normal font, centered).

- Name of the scientific institution (if there are several authors and they work in different institutions, it is necessary to mark the institutions with numbers 1, 2, 3… and according to the numbering put numbers next to the authors' names), city, country (normal font).- The main text of the article is preceded by an annotation with keywords (from 5 to 10 words, the amount of the annotation is not less than 2000 characters). At the end of the article is a translation of the annotation in two languages ​​(English required).

- Sections of the article should begin with the headings: Relevance. The purpose of research. Materials and methods of research. Research results. Conclusions. Literature.

- Literature (list of used literature according to DSTU 8302:2015) and References (transliterated).

The following are attached to the article:

Information about the author (authors) is a fully completed form in two languages ​​(native language and English): surname, patronymic, academic degree, academic title, position and place of work, postal code address, contact phone number, e-mail.