• S.V. Nikolaev


This article lists the results of morphometric and morphological studies of rabbit ovaries in age aspect (0, 14, 21, 31 days). Animal reproduction function is closely related to the many changes occurring in the body and directly in the reproductive system. As a result of the study of morphometric characteristic of rabbit ovaries, it was found that the mass of ovaries in new-born rabbit is - 0,003 ± 0,0012 g. By two weeks age, the mass index was doubled, and by monthly age per 85%.

The length of the ovaries of the new-borns was 0,38 ± 0,022 cm, when the animals reached 14-day age the length was increased by 27% and by 54% at the rabbit-day age. The dynamics of ovarian growth in width can be traced to three weeks of age and does not change to monthly age, the indicator in these age periods is - 0,22 cm. The thickness of the ovaries of the newborn rabbit was 0,09 cm, which is 31% lower than that of the rabbit ovaries of three weeks of age. However, by the age of one month there is a transformation of ovaries, their thickness decreases and is 92% of the indicator of three weeks of age.

Morphological examination of organs has been established at the moment of birth and up to two weeks of age iron is not structurally mature. Only by the time animals reach three weeks of age do the first structural compos appear in the ovaries and upon reaching the age of the 1st month the ovary is represented by all structural components.

As a result of an integrated methodological approach using morphometric, morphological and statistical methods, morphological and morphometric changes in the ovaries of rabbits aged 0, 14, 21, 31 days have been studied and analysed. Results of researches will deepen, expand and supplement the data on age and comparative morphology of fur animals, and will be a criterion for their evaluation in practical veterinary medicine and in rabbits in general.