• O.F. Dovbnenko


The advantages of use of UVB low pressure tubes for air purification of livestock buildings from harmful impurities are substantiated. Installations based on UVB lamps can clean up air from viruses and microbes to 99,9%, and ozone effectively neutralizes pathogenic microflora, ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), reduces air humidity. The use of UFB plants provides reduction of air exchange with the external environment, which leads to a decrease in heat loss with exhaust ventilation air, reducing the volume of ventilation and increasing the efficiency of heat recovery.

The necessity of application of recuperative type inflow - exhaust units, in which due to the heat of exhaust air, is dry heating of the inflow air without mixing of flows is substantiated. In livestock buildings, it is advisable to use heat utilizers based on polymer materials resistant to aggressive airborne animal housing.

The functional scheme of the system of technical means for creating energy-saving microclimate of livestock buildings, which consists of summer ventilation, inflow and exhaust plants with the utilization of heat of ventilation emissions and UVB installations for air purification from harmful impurities, is substantiated.

The technical characteristics of experimental models of energy efficient equipment for providing microclimate are presented: the inflow - exhaust system with heat recovery of RTV - 2,5, the UVB recycle converter RPB 1,8 - 6/30 and the device for reducing the emission of harmful substances based on luminescent UVB low pressure lamps.

The results of production tests of the UVB units of the energy-efficient microclimate maintenance system in the premises for the maintenance of rabbits are given. According to the test results:

1. The inflow - exhaust system of ventilation of the premises on the basis of the recuperative heat utilizer provides the air exchange of the ramfarm to 2500m3/year and reduction of energy consumption for the heating of the inflow air in the heating period 42 ... 45%.

2. Recirculator - air purifier of livestock premises provides processing from pathogenic microflora and harmful impurities up to 1800 m3/h of air with an efficiency of ammonia clearing of 44,8%.

3. A device to reduce the emission of harmful substances in the area of accumulation of biological waste provides reduction of ammonia emissions to 59,6%.

Expected reduction of energy consumption during the heating season when using an energy efficient system - up to 80%.