• M.S. Nebilitsa
  • О.V. Boyko


The use of an automated monitoring system based on the use of new microprocessors and sensors and the importance of monitoring the microclimate indicators of closed-type livestock buildings have been substantiated. This applies, in particular, to a new technology for keeping animals, which provides for an increase in the density of livestock distribution. A review of the literature suggests that in agriculture in Ukraine it is necessary to bring to the market modern innovative systems of construction and technological support with the involvement of modern microprocessor control and measuring systems and devices.

Analysis of the existing devices for collecting, accumulating and processing information about the microclimate of premises indicates that they do not meet modern

monitoring requirements. Nowadays automated microclimatic monitoring systems on the market are too expensive. The introduction of foreign systems requires significant one- time cash costs for their purchase. In addition, they will require further annual operating costs. This is unacceptable in the current difficult economic conditions of domestic producers.

Thus, in the Ukrainian market there are no specialized portable measuring systems of domestic production for integrated monitoring of the parameters of the air environment of livestock buildings. In this regard, the scientists of the Cherkassy ЕSB NAAS developed a modern measuring and measuring system Electronic air analyzer (ЕАА). The main part of which is the microcontroller. It is designed for the simultaneous measurement of a number of indicators: light, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, dust, noise load and pollutant gases CO2, NH3, H2S, CH4. The measurement results of the EАА are stored in the non-volatile memory of the measuring units and the control unit and can be transferred remotely. The average daily microclimate indicators for the three points of the room and the fourth environment are processed and analyzed according to the developed guidelines. Software has been developed for placing information on monitoring microclimate indicators on an Internet resource website with the accumulation of information and the possibility of its statistical processing and graphical analysis.

To monitor the above-mentioned microclimate parameters, the measuring system of EАА-7 can replace at least 17 units of known meteorological and gas analytical devices for a total amount of approximately 408,000 UAH, which is almost 5.1 times more than EАА. In addition, according to its technical characteristics, EАА can replace four modern portable electronic gas analyzers "Ekolab" in the amount of 522,720 UAH., which is more than 6.5 times. It provides an opportunity to quickly assess the sanitary and hygienic conditions of animals for making appropriate management decisions on the efficiency of the heating/cooling systems and the ventilation of the premises during the daily period of the seasons.