• S.V. Nikolaev


In this article questions of the modern research of bodies of an internal secretion of rabbits are considered. It is known that now rabbit breeding has a wide spread occurance in the former Soviet Union, however for effective conducting rabbit breeding, the nobility only isn't enough condition of feeding and maintenance. Knowledge of issues of influence of bodies of an endocrine system on the functional wholeness of the organism and also influence of veterinary medicines for maintaining of these systems in high operating state have important value.

One of such questions is the morphological and functional condition of a thyroid gland normal and under the influence of veterinary medicines. It is also necessary to know influence of a microcell of a selenium on a thyroid gland of farm animals, a selenium is one of those minerals which in an organism of animals has many-sided value. A selenium has high biochemical activity and promotes a metabolism intensification.

Due to above written, in this article, first, results of researches of morphological structure of a thyroid gland are studied, brought and described, secondly, influence of domestic veterinary medicine on the basis of chemical element of a selenium and reproduction vitamin on morphological reorganization of a thyroid gland, in the third is studied, the level of hormones in blood at rabbits during depriving is defined and described.

At the description of morphological structure of a thyroid gland of rabbits of the posleotjemny period the following indexes were considered: capsule thickness, height of tirotsit, volume of kernels of tirotsit, size of S-cages, Brown's index, and also follicles of various diameter. The same indexes were described also at use of veterinary medicine BAGH – Е – selenium. On by it, such hormones as TTG, T3, T4 were defined.

As a result of a comprehensive methodical approach with use of morphometric, morphological, biochemical and statistical research techniques morfofunktsionalny changes in a thyroid gland of rabbits during depriving are studied and analysed and at use of selenium the containing medicine. Results of researches will deepen, will expand and will add data on age and comparative morphology of fur animals, and will be criterion for their assessment in applied veterinary medicine and in rabbit breeding in general.