• M.M. Shkvarya


In the short term rabbit will occupy an important place in the diet of people around the world. The rapid reproduction and further development of the industry contribute to exceptional biological and economically useful features rabbits, among which the most valuable are high fertility, earliness, payment of feed, simplicity to the conditions of the (cage in the yard, sheds, Shed), availability of care for the general populations and effective use of advanced range of food (crop, meadow, forest) with a minimum expenditure of nutrients highly valuable concentrated feed and more. In the rabbit almost no national (religious) limitations, such as pork or beef.

Excessively wet food and poor conditions of the rabbit farms of the Berdyansk area Zaporizhia region is the main cause of bloating intestines. The animals developed liver pathology, acute renal failure. The abdominal cavity of slaughtered animals forced swollen, hard wall. After the cut bloated gut gases of power fall out of the abdominal cavity, anemic, rapidly filled with gas, sometimes during the autopsy found a gap lifetime intestines.

The highest therapeutic effect was 90% in the experimental group were treated with buscopan then, as in the control group, the percentage of recovery was 70% (no- spa). When analyzing the duration of treatment of rabbits suffering intestinal bloating, found that it amounted to an average of 5 days in the experimental group and the control group - 7 days.

Recommended for rabbit's flatulence intramuscular Buscopan administered at a dose of 0.1 ml / kg 2-3 RD for 5 days; metranidazol internally at a dose of 10 mg / kg 2 RD, neomycin sulfate 50 mg / kg 2 r.d After a course of antibiotic use bifidumbacterin - % dose animal 2 times a day for 20 days. Following the research, we recommend farmers to fully withdraw from the diet of cabbage, carrots, beets and other succulent feed. In their place to introduce roughage.