• Eugene Shevchenko
  • Oleksiy Honchar


Genetic certification of the Poltavska silver rabbits by the progesterone receptor gene was carried out by amplification of the corresponding sections of genomic DNA in the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). As a result of PCR analysis it was found that the discrete DNA bands of rabbits were intensive hybridization spectra and characterized by different numbers, locations, and intensities of detected fragments. Based on the results of genotyping of Poltavska silver rabbits the following data on their genetic structure were obtained for gene polymorphism G2464A. In actual distribution of genotypes number of homozygous animals with the G gene was 18.3% (11 animals), number of homozygotes for A allele was almost twice as large (31.7%). The Wright fixation index for both polymorphic variants was negative which demonstrates the advantage of heterozygotes in population for tested genes. It was established that high values of multiple fertility rate in three aprons were found in rabbits with the GG genotype, and the lowest - with the AA genotype.

In general there was a tendency to increase fertility by an average of 12% in three spouts for the “desired genotype” GG compared to animals that had genotypes AA and AG (p<0.05). Analysis of variation in milk yield of rabbits genotypes by polymorphic variants of progesterone receptor showed that this indicator was higher in homozygous animals AA, and the lowest - in heterozygotes AG. Moreover, rabbits with GG genotype were 3% inferior to them (the difference is not significant). According to the results of one-way analysis of variance, the influence of the rabbit genotype on the progesterone receptor gene on their milk production was found but no statistically significant difference between groups of animals with different genotypes. According to the data obtained it can be argued that the genotype of Poltavska Silver female rabbits in progesterone receptor gene has statistically significant effect on the manifestation of multiple pregnancy which can also be used in breeding.