• V. V. Mykhno


The article contains materials on the development of complete recipes for feed in conditions of intensive production of rabbit meat, built on the use of Microsoft Excel. The rationing of rabbit feeding is based on the norms approved by the VIII International Rabbit Breeding Congress (2004). The recipes do not use animal feed. Recipes for feed developed for young animals aged 18-42, 42-70 days, adult broodstock under the condition of intensive reproduction (more than 50 rabbits per female), semi-intensive (less than 40 rabbits per female), and also the only feed for all sex and age groups of rabbits.

Rationing was carried out according to the metabolic energy content of rabbits, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, lysine, methionine + cystine, threonine, tryptophan, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and sulfur. The enrichment of compound feed with vitamins and microelements occurred due to the use of premix.

It was established that the most ―concentrated‖ nutritional value was characterized by feed for broodstock feeding with intensive reproduction, achieved due to increased volumes of introduction of soybean and sunflower cake to the recipe. In semi- intensive reproduction (less than 40 rabbits per female), the same recipe contained less exchange energy - by 3.0%, crude protein - by 3.4%, crude fat - by 6.0%, lysine - by 6.1% and protein - 1.5%.

The nutritional value of the only universal feed for all gender and age groups was: exchange energy - 9.9 MJ, crude protein - 162.9 g, raw fat - 38.8 g, crude fiber - 149.7 g, lysine - 7.8 g, methionine + cystine - 6.2 g, threonine - 6.5 g, tryptophan - 2.2 g, calcium - 11.2 g, phosphorus - 5.0 g, sodium - 2.1 g, potassium - 7.5 g, magnesium - 3.0 g and sulfur - 2.2 g. Its nutritional value is lower than when feeding breeding stock with intensive reproduction: by exchange energy - by 4.8%, by raw protein - by 2.1%, by raw fat - by 8.5%, lysine - by 10.3%, methio Inu + cystine - by 1.6%, threonine - by 5.8%, tryptophan - by 4.3%, calcium - by 6.7%, phosphorus - by 10.7% and sulfur content - by 47.6% .

The results of research on the development of recipes for complete granulated feed according to international standards with intensive production technology of rabbit testified to the possibility of using Excel calculation tables, which, in turn, allows professionals free access to relevant calculations without using expensive specialized programs. The development of recipes can be carried out in Excel on personal computers as well as on tablets or smartphones running on android. Such recipes feed without the introduction of ingredients of animal origin to be used on krolefermah in conditions of intensive production, which, in turn, will help to improve the epizootic situation and improve the culinary and technological indicators of meat.